Jackson County Sheriff's Office Shares Details On Crashes During Late Season Winter Storm

Fri 3-17-2023

(Jackson)- Yesterday saw a large and hopefully last of the seasonal winter storm in the area, and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office reported on their work during the storm, with a plethora of jackknifed semis and crashed cars.

Starting at 12:30 pm, a semi jackknifed near Wilder, another at 4:03 pm west of Lakefield, another at 8:29 pm near Alpha, as well as a semi driver whose brakes locked up east of Jackson.

Semis weren't the only vehicles with issues during this storm, with a crash reported at 7:32 pm near Heron Lake, a vehicle stuck in a ditch at 8:57 pm near Sioux Valley, and another at 10:24 pm near Heron Lake. That vehicle needed help from Cottonwood County's plows in rescuing the occupants. That vehicle was in the drift due to conditions.