Jackson County Looking For State Legislative Approval On 1% Local Sales Tax

Wed 1-18-2023

(Jackson)- Jackson County is looking to implement a 1% local sales and use tax, due to the large costs of the new Jackson County Law Enforcement Center that was also teased during their regular meeting on Tuesday morning. County Administrator Ryan Krosch spoke about the tax...

Sales Tax 1 

If approved, through all those processes, the estimated sales tax collected by the county at a 1% sales tax will be $700,000 annually. That's based on 2020 sales tax data that the department of revenue has.”

The current center, built in 1976, is now one of the oldest in the state, though building a new one could cost between $20-40 million, between possible state bonding and other avenues of financial assistance.

The resolution passed yesterday does not automatically implement the tax, that must go to the Minnesota Legislature first, and that is what was passed yesterday. If approved by the legislature, the 1% tax will then be brought to the voters in the next general election for approval. Only if approved by citizens will that then be implemented.