Jackson County Commissioners take Public Input on Intersection of County Roads 34 and 29.

Wed 8-18-2021

(Jackson) According to the Jackson County Sheriff's office, county road 34 is the most traveled and ticketed road in Jackson County. Second in line is county road 29. This intersection near Alpha has seen 10 accidents from 2015 to 2021, two of which were fatal. The first fatal accident happened on June 18th, 2015 and the most recent was on July 26th 2021. The Jackson County Commissioners heard public input on Tuesday that centered around finding the best solution for this intersection. John Weseman, who is a member of the Alpha Fire department and also lives off of county road 34, says he was told at an early age to be careful at this intersection.  John Weseman 

"When I got my drivers license my dad took me to that intersection and said many people have been killed here and injured here. Always assume the north, south traffic doesn't stop.  Saved my life many times. That is probably the most disrespected stop signs I have ever seen."

Jackson County Sheriff Shawn Haken says there has to be more done to solve this problem.  Haken 

"We can definitely do our part, we're over there every day as far as traffic volume and to no surprise the traffic stops as well but that can't be the cure all. There has to be more. There are a lot of ideas out there but I'm with most of you, you put a 4 way stop and everybody stops."  

According to Jackson County Engineer Tim Stahl, a study has been started which is called Intersection Control Evaluation or ICE. The findings of that study will be released at the September 7th meeting. Commissioner Phil Nasby says he is looking forward to the findings of the study.  Nasby (1) 


"I appreciate you coming in with ideas, very well done. I too have gone out there and driven that intersection again just seeing what it looks like now. And I can tell you I am looking forward to September 7th and what their gonna come up with." 

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners meetings are open to the public and are held in the Cafeteria Room of the Jackson County Resource Center, 402 White Street (Door #7), Jackson, MN