Jackson County Central To Host Donkey Basketball Next Tuesday

Thu 11-16-2023

(Jackson)- Jackson County Central will be hosting Donkey Basketball at the high school again this year next Tuesday at 7 pm and will have a meal that will help to fund the post prom events. The first game of the donkey basketball events will be a rivalry match-up between the juniors and the seniors at JCC and then a second game will be between our hometown heroes, police, firemen and EMTs from the area, and then the residential riders team will be JCC staff, alumni and community members.

The tailgate meal will include a cheesy smoked turkey sandwich, chips and water with a bar or cookie in the JCC commons from 5:30 to 7 pm.

Melissa Osterberg with the JCC Post Prom Committee says the money is used to make sure post prom is a fun event for the kids...

Melissa 1 23 

“Well, we plan the activities for after prom. We want to make sure the kids have a safe place to go, have a fun time and we really want to have prizes for all of them you know, so that's what we we do.”

Tickets for donkey basketball are $7 advance at JCC, Sunshine Foods in Jackson and at Southwest Broadband's offices, or $10 at the door to the event.