Jackson County Central Superintendent Says Hiring Spree Nearly Complete

Tue 9-19-2023

(Jackson)- Jackson County Central has continued their hiring spree over the last few weeks. They've hired a lot of support staff like paraprofessionals and janitors, and this is a move that is trying to fill in some gaps. The hiring is something which superintendent Barry Schmidt says comes from issues created by COVID-19 that they're sorting through...

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“Well the good thing is we almost have everyone hired, but we've been able to thanks to some grant money and some different things that we've applied for, have allowed us to put in a framework, we call it the Mutli-Tier Support Framework that helps with the academic and behavior support of our students. Also with the social and mental health well-being of our students. So we're looking to support that because those needs are big right now because I hate to say it but because of COVID, and we're moving on from that but at the same time we want to support our students to be successful academically and behaviorally at JCC.

Schmidt says there are still a few spots to fill but that they're getting a handle on the hiring spree and that they should be up to full strength soon.