Jackson County Central Shares Info About New Addition

Tue 11-14-2023

(Jackson)- Jackson County Central continues to impress with their showings in both post-season football and the Jackson Robotics Team has continued into their own semifinals, and JCC Superintendent Barry Schmidt says these are all excellent signs...

Schmidt 111323 q 1 

“It's great to see that they put away Caledonia as far as football so now we look towards Barnesville goes so it's an exciting time, also the robotics is having a great time, and I think they finished sixth at the competition which is great to see and we're getting more and more students out for that.”

The Career Tech Ed Building is also coming along, with a released date for the open house on that new construction...

Schmidt 111323 q 2 

“The Career Tech Ed Building now its about completed and we're planning to have an open house on January 22nd and we're going to put an invitation out to everybody for an open house and also for our businesses so we're gonna have that ready to go for January 22nd.”

This is also American Education Week, which honors those who work in public school across the nation, and Schmidt says it is important to recognize all the work public school employees do.