Jackson County Central Schools Have Events Coming Up This Week

Tue 11-9-2021

Some Jackson County Central school events are coming up over the next few days...

JCC events 

The events are including Veterans Day events at 10:00 am today Tuesday, at the high school.

There will also be a pep rally for the state-bound volleyball team going on at 12:30 pm today Tuesday, at the high school as well.

The middle school choir and band will be performing Tuesday night, 7 pm in the middle school auditorium in Lakefield.

School will also be dismissed at 1 pm today for conferences at the elementary school.

There will also be no school Thursday and Friday of this week (11/11 and 11/12) due to the state-bound volleyball team.

The Riverside Veterans Parade is at 9:30-10:00 am Wednesday, which will lead into the high school program. Kids from Pleasantview and JCC Middle will also be at Salem Church. 

The Middle School and Pleasantview Veterans Day Program will be at the middle school on Wednesday at 9:30 am.