Jackson County and Section 8

Wed 5-19-2021

Representatives from the United Community Action Partnership, or UCAP, and the Worthington HRA attended the Jackson County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday to discuss reinstating the Section 8 voucher program in Jackson County. In 2018 the Worthington HRA ended up with a budget shortfall of about 27,000 dollars, which stemmed from a decrease in federal funding. The Worthington HRA originally reached out to Jackson County in January of 2019 for the amount of $1776.80 to help offset the budget shortfall. The board took no action on the matter at that time. Even though the HRA does receive local levy funding from the City of Worthington, Randy Thompson, director of the Worthington HRA, said the board knew they would need more help to recover the budget shortfall.Thompson on Sec 8 

"When the amount was $27,000 our board said they didn't think that was fair to offset that shortfall to that level with local levy funding from the City of Worthington and that is what prompted us to reach out to the 7 counties."

This is the first time in 30 years that the Worthington HRA has reached out to the 7 counties they serve for help. The board unanimously approved making the payment so the Section 8 program can be re-instated. The HRA serves approximately 190 households in the 7 county area.