Jackson City Council Wish List

Tue 5-25-2021

Wayne Walter, Mayor of the City of Jackson, asked the new council members to create a wish list. The council members did just that and at the top of the list was a Community Center. City Administrator Matt Skaret says the city doesn't have many options for large scale spaces.Skaret Wish List Cut 1 

 "The Community Center with a large number of things under that umbrella pertaining to indoor recreation opportunities and having space for things like wedding receptions, birthday parties, business meetings, and indoor recreational opportunities like open gym, raquetball courts.  Skaret Wish List cut 2 

 Skaret says a community center could be beneficial to the city. 

"We are short of large public gathering spaces in the City of Jackson, that has been a topic of discussion for a long time. We have a lot of people that would like to hold wedding receptions and business meetings here but are forced to go elsewhere because of a lack of large scale space."

Other items on the wish list were market rate housing, kayak rentals, a more enhanced Farmers/Community Market, dog park and to improve the entry ways on both the north and south sides of town.