Jackson Center for the Arts Mural Project

Sat 4-24-2021

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(Jackson) The Jackson Center for the Arts gave an update on the Art Mural Project at the City council meeting.  The first mural is nearly complete and will be on the north wall of the library. Cay Gjertson (Jertson), grant writer for the arts center, says they needed to make sure people know they are still around.Gjertson Cut 1 

 The Center for the Arts received a grant from the MN State Arts board for the project.The city council approved 3 more areas for Murals. They will be the south wall facing downtown on the Water plant’s storage building at 208 North highway and the west wall of the bathroom building in Ashley Park, which faces the trail. The final, and largest mural, will be on the south wall of the senior center building. If you have questions, or would like to participate in the painting of the murals contact Jackson Center for the Arts at 507-849-7415 or on their webpage at