Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Announces 2022 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Wed 1-12-2022

(Arnolds Park)– The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association is out with its list of 2022 Hall of Fame inductees. Executive Director Clay Norris says this marks the 25th year for the Hall of Fame…

norris 1 

And it all started when John Senn and Tom Tourville and others recognized the quality of artists that we have in Iowa and they had had a reunion back then of groups that were part of the Iowa Great Lakes Record Company that John ran, and they commemorated that with a show and then decided you know what? We ought to do this every single year. So that’s what we’ve done and we’ve got 500 inductees, 501 to be exact, to date, not counting this class that’s coming up.”

Norris says nominations for the honor are received each year by the organization. He says nominees must have been involved in music for at least 25 years to be eligible for selection…

norris 2 

There are a couple of categories that we have that aren’t necessarily Iowa based, but this year I believe they’re all Iowa. You know there’s a tie to Iowa, either they were born in Iowa or they performed for a long time in Iowa or they claimed Iowa as home for quite a bit of years. So, but the 25 year threshold isn’t an inductee but we have some special awards, too, like our Spirit Award winners and our Legacy Awards winners and things like that that are special awards. In those categories you don’t necessarily have to be even a musician, just somebody that has supported Iowa rock and roll and it can be less than 25 years.”

2022 Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees:

Band Category: Blue Strings, Gray James Band, The Library, The Pendletons, The Unidynes, Zini.

Individual Category: Dan Bern, Johnnie Bolin, Tommy Bolin, Jen Brucher, Barry Clark, Laurie Haag, Glenn Henriksen, Kelli James, Troy Johnson, Vance Jorgensen, Kris Karr, T. Wilson King, Ralph Kluseman,

Tom Nelson, Paul Miller, Heath Pattschull, Jim Poffenberger, Robby Vee.

Venue Category: The Burlington Capital Theatre.

Radio Station Category: WLS-AM, Chicago.

DJ Category: Ron Sorenson, Bruce Wasenius.

Support Person Category: Bill Monroe, Mark Sampson.

Special Achievement Awards:

Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award: JC Wilson.

Matousek Lifetime Achievement Award: Tom Pick.

Spirit Award: Jeremy Ober, Maddie Poppe, Amedeo Rossi.

John Senn Legacy Award: Naomi Senn.

The inductees will be honored during the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association’s annual Hall of Fame Induction Spectacular this coming Labor Day Weekend, September 1st-4th.