ILCC sees increase in new scholarship

Fri 9-11-2020

(Estherville)-- Officials with Iowa Lakes Community College say they're seeing a big increase among students in a relatively new scholarship program that's being made available to them. Stephen Pelzer, Director of Financial Aid at Iowa Lakes, says the Last Dollar Scholarship Program is a part of Governor Kim Reynolds' “Future Ready Iowa” initiative...ILCC Pelzer Sept 10 cut 1 

"It helps pay for college for Iowa residents if they're in certain programs. So at Iowa Lakes we've got 16 programs and if you're an Iowa resident and you're in those programs and you've filled out a FASFA by August 1st you automatically are going to receive something from the Last Dollar Scholarship."


Pelzer says more than 220 students at Iowa Lakes Community College are benefitting from the program, totaling more than $375,000 for the Fall 2020 term...ILCC Pelzer Sept 10 cut 2 

"You know it started last year. It was real late in the summer we found out about it, and it's grown a lot this year. We have a lot more students involved, a lot more students receiving money. So it's been a blessing, for, you know, it's been a good thing for a lot of students."


Pelzer says the Last Dollar Scholarship program targets four key industries that have a high demand for workers right now: healthcare and biosciences; information technology; advanced manufacturing production; installation and maintenance and construction and engineering...ILCC Pelzer Sept 10 cut 3 

"They're a high degree, they're specialized programs that are programs that need people. The state of Iowa has determined, or Workforce Development has determined that these are programs that, you know, we need workers in for the state of Iowa."


Pelzer says Iowa Lakes Community College offers many programs related to those career areas. You can find the complete list by clicking on this story under the news tab at Explore Okoboji-dot-com.