HolidayFest Talent Show Coming Up Tomorrow At The JCC Performing Arts Center

Fri 12-2-2022

(Jackson)- HolidayFest is on here in Jackson and the big new event this year is the Afternoon of Stars, a talent show at JCC tomorrow afternoon. This new event fills in for the opry, which decided not to go ahead this year, and Corey Christopher from the Jackson Chamber of Commerce says they're happy with how it has gone...

corey show 1 

“Our board talked about some things and we thought this would be an interesting thing to try and so we kind of set the wheels in motion and you know, here we are, it's coming to fruition and we're pretty excited about where we sit at this point.”

There will be a lot of acts at this talent show including juggling, singing, and bands as well with entities like the Iowa Lakes Jazz Band being on hand. There are three different age groups, which Christopher says helps diversify...

corey show 2 

“Well we decided, the committee that worked on this has put in a lot of time and they wanted to make sure that we had a little bit of representation across all age groups and you know now that I'm sitting here looking at the final list of participants I think it's really going to be a fun show, it's going to be very very entertaining and I think people will really enjoy what we've put together.”

Admission is five dollars general admission at the door so Christopher says to get there early for those front row seats. The doors will open at 1 pm and the show starts at 2 pm at Jackson County Central High School in the performing arts center.