Gov. Walz announces "Dial-Back" in COVID response

Wed 11-18-2020

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced last night that the state would “turn back” the dials on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Gov. Walz stated that the virus is at a dangerous point…Walz Nov 18 cut 1

“We’re at a dangerous point in this pandemic.  As many of you have seen it is raging across the upper Midwest and across this nation.  We’re seeing infection rates in the states surrounding Minnesota that are the highest on the planet.  Just two weeks ago, the states to our west were one and two.  The states to our south and east were three and four.  We were 21st in infection rates per capita.  That’s all changed. We now know that more than a third of the folks who are getting infected are coming from sources that they don’t know.  That’s very, very dangerous, because if we can’t test and if we can’t isolate, the spread exponentially grows.”


The Governor outlined what that dial-back would entail…Walz Nov 18 cut 2

“So this pause is what we’re going to ask you to do.  It’s going to start at this Friday at 11:59pm, and it’s social gatherings with other households.  Don’t bring other households in.  We’re going to stop in-person dining.  But I want to be clear, and I’ll stress this a little more later, order out.  Make sure we’re spending money locally in these businesses, make sure we get there.  But by sitting inside, right now, with the amount of community spread we have, we’re not going to get a handle on this unless we take a pause on it.  The next ones are tough, fitness centers and adult and youth sports.  And I want to speak to those folks out there because it’s a passionate group of people around youth sports, and I feel like I’m right in the center of that.  Those of you who’ve heard me say this, my life is about coaching and being around it for decades.  So I understand.  It’s not easy, and it’s not fair, but it’s a sacrifice that we need to make.  If we don’t do that, and we continue to spread, we will with absolute certainty, put our hospitals at risk and those that need the care as well as the care providers.  Places like bowling alleys and bingo halls and theaters will need to take a pause.  Receptions, private parties and other celebrations, the same thing, and outdoor events and entertainment, things where we gather in large numbers.”


Gov. Walz concluded the press briefing with a request to Minnesotans…Walz Nov 18 cut 3

“So I’m asking you one more time, Minnesota.  Let’s pause some of the social stuff, let’s be smart, let’s mask up, let’s get through these next few weeks and let’s get to the point again where we can celebrate the things that we really care about.”


It was noted that retail businesses, hair salons and health care facilities were not affected by these new orders.