Gound Breaking at Jackson Crossroads Retail Center

Tue 7-20-2021

The official ground breaking for the new Jackson Crossroads Retail Center took place yesterday (Monday). Construction will start this week and Community and Business Development Specialist Tom Nelson says its great to see this project become reality. 7-20-21 Nelson Cut 1 


"It's been a number of years in the making. Everything from trying to attract private developers to do it to eventually the development corporation stepping up and taking on the project themselves."


Cabin Coffee and Subway are the two anchors of the building and there are 3 more spots available. The goal of the JEDC is to further promote growth here in Jackson and Nelson says that is exactly what they are expecting from this project. 7-20-21 Nelson Cut 2 


"We're really hoping that this is going to first off, the building itself is going to allow us to track more businesses to town as we've already done with the two of the five spaces that have been filled. So we're hoping to bring that but we're also really hoping to highlight and show others the opportunities for development, not just for this one project but hopefully many more in the coming years." 


The estimated completion date is March of 2022.