Good Progress Continues With Harvest, But Not Without Some Challenges

Wed 10-6-2021

(Lakefield, Mn.)– The harvest continues in high gear across the region, and a local ag expert says it hasn’t gone without some challenges. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says that’s especially been the case with the soybean harvest in some areas. nesseth cut one 

“In some places where we’ve even had some taller standing soybeans or we had some wind events, you know, we’ve got, I talked to one producer the other day that’s just combining it one way and he found out that he’s getting probably four and-a-half bushels an acre more just by, because these beans are leaning one direction and there’s just needs to do that and it just takes more time and you can certainly see with the price of soybeans a guy doesn’t want to leave, you know, four or five bushels left out in the field.”

Nesseth adds the lack of a killing freeze is also causing some issue.  nesseth cut 2 


“Last week, you know, there was a lot of beans in the 9, 10 percent range and you lose some bushels that way, but the stalks are green. You know we just haven’t had that killing frost and so it’s slowed things down to some degree. You know some people are going to some corn because we’ve got some issues there with standability and corn rootworm pressure and stalk rot. And so it’s been quite a challenge especially in some of the surrounding counties, Steve. You know Jackson and Dickinson county are probably as good as anything on that but it’s really been a challenge for a lot of producers this fall.”

Nesseth adds yields, especially with corn, continue to vary quite a bit.


(Story courtesy of KUOO News)