Give To The Max Day Tomorrow For Local Nonprofits

Wed 11-15-2023

(Undated)- Tomorrow is Give to the Max day, a national day where people are more encouraged than ever to give what they can to local nonprofit organizations who are more and more in need, especially during the holiday season. Jake Blumberg, Executive Director of GiveMN says that Give to the Max Day has become an enormous day for nonprofits everywhere...


“You know it's an incredible celebration that brings together from every county in Minnesota, every state in the United States, and in last year's numbers we had over 34 countries where donations were made from. And that's the support, like you say, from tens of thousands of organizations. The network that supports our neighbors and friends in our communities is wide, and our support needs to be just as wide to keep them going.”

Blumberg says he believes that giving should be fun, and there's money set aside to be added to random donations to get a bit of extra bang out of your buck as well, he says that this way a $5 donation could turn into a $505 donation through that extra pot of money and extra prizes on the side.

The holiday has been going since 2009, and since then thousands of nonprofits have gotten involved, including local ones. For more information, check out or check out one of your local nonprofit organizations.