Foster Parent From Windom Accused Of Malicious Punishment Of Young Child

Fri 3-17-2023

(Windom)- A foster parent out of Windom was accused of malicious punishment of a child under the age of four. Patricia Michelle Jones, age 50, stands accused of spanking a toddler with enough force to leave bruises.

Jones had apparently been known to scream at children for some time, as reports coming in early January noted that for two months at that point she had always been yelling at children who were crying.

Conflicting reports have also come out of Jones and a caseworker, the former having explanations about further things like telling the caseworker of the children's bruises and bangs on the head caused by home furniture, and the caseworker saying that they had never seen that sort of communication from the woman.

Decisions on these accusations are now up to the courts.