Former MCW Student Named FFA President

Mon 4-26-2021

The Minnesota FFA Association is led by six state officers elected from the 35,000 School-Based Agricultural Education students in Minnesota. These six officers were recently announced for the 2021-2022 school year and former Martin County West student, Emily Matejka, was named the President.  Matejka says holding a state officer position is something she has always strived for. Matejka Cut 1 

"I knew I wanted to be a state officer but I wasn't sure if my skills and abilities were kind of up to that task so I did a lot of reflection, planning and work with mentors and just assistance that helped me out through that process and at the end of that I was able to craft my profile and have a successful application that got me into the interview."

The six state officers and the president of each of Minnesota FFA's eight regions compose the Student Board of Directors. Matejka says there are plenty of people to thank.Matejka Cut 2  

"Starting with my parents thanking them for always pushing me through high school to do the best that I can really keeping me on track of what I want to accomplish. Also, just thanking my high school advisors Mrs. Wolhuter and then Jessica and Jeremy Dabberhoe for really igniting that passion for FFA and kind of creating me into the FFA leader in and outside of FFA that I am today."

Matejka also thanked Bob Roessler from Sherburn who has been her main mentor through this whole application process and who will continue to work with her in the future as well.  Matejka is currently a freshman at South Dakota State University.