Fire at Pohlman Pallets in Lakefield

Fri 6-25-2021

(Lakefield) No injuries were reported Thursday in a fire at Pohlman Pallets of Lakefield. Lakefield Fire Chief Todd Baumann says the owners were doing a controlled burn on some scrap lumber when the pallets caught fire.   Baumann Cut 1 


"Their lawn actually started on fire next to their house just from the heat across the driveway about as we were pulling up so we were able to obviously knock that down and keep it off of the house but there was so much heat coming off those pallets I would estimate  the house was about 200 feet away and it melted the siding off the house so not only did we have to contend with the pallets on fire but trying to protect the other structures around it and melted siding off another building and actually started a little bit of that on fire but we got that put out also without much damage." 


With the dry conditions Baumann has some recommendations. Baumann cut 2 


"Not burn if you don't have to and if you have to burn or a business like this wants to get rid of some junk and burn have a water wagon or something, tank sitting around there just in case something gets out of hand a little bit you can keep some stuff watered down but yeah everything right now is so super dry it goes up like a roman candle."


The fire was successfully put out with minimal damage. If we don't get any rain before July 4th Baumann anticipates that counties would put a burning ban into effect. The Heron Lake Fire Department was called in to assist and crews were on scene for about 3 hours.