Fire at Dvorak Trucking on Saturday

Tue 8-3-2021

(Jackson) The Jackson Fire Department responded to a fire on Saturday evening at Dvorak's Trucking in Jackson. The page went out at 6:47 pm as a passerby noticed the smoke and called 911.

“We were on scene I want to say it was about 7 minutes or so after the page went out. We had fire rolling pretty heavy in the back shed, heavy smoke and then we had smoke just into the other part of their truck shed but no visible flames or anything in that part.” Bond on Dvoarak Fire 

That was Jackson Fire Chief Dave Bond. There was no one was in the building when they arrived and there were no injuries reported. Crews were on scene for about 3 hours and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The Alpha and Lakefield Fire Departments assisted on the scene.