Farmers Continue To Make Good Progress With Planting; Conditions Looking Good For Most Part

Fri 5-20-2022

(Lakefield, Mn.)– Farmers in the region have made a lot of progress in recent days in getting corn and soybeans in the ground. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says soil temperatures are ideal for germination…

Nesseth update 1 

We’re averaging between 50 and 60 degrees fahrenheit at the four inch depth level so that’s good and the crop is starting to emerge and we’ve got most of the soybeans and corn that have poked through the ground and we’re able to row some corn and so things are progressing but we just can’t quite get that stretch of weather to get us to complete this corn planting.”

Nesseth adds we’re at roughly 150 growing degree days right now, which is somewhat behind average. But he says that isn’t a concern for now. He says moisture levels are very good for the most part…

Nesseth update 2 

We really are, I think, overall looking in pretty good shape. We’re a lot better than a lot of other places in the country where certainly they’re way behind schedule up north of us where it’s dry and they’re talking about preventative planting. I just came back from a trip to Texas and they’re just like a desert down there, so we’re looking kind of good, I think, and just need some warmer weather and drier weather so we can chip away at this corn and soybean planting.”

Nesseth estimates about 75 percent of the corn in the area is in the ground, with roughly 50 percent of the soybeans being planted so far.