Fairmont Mayo Health System Clinic Is NOT Closing

Thu 6-24-2021

(Fairmont, MN) Earlier this week the Fairmont Mayo Clinic Health System was informed by multiple individuals that they received a letter from their health insurance company that the Fairmont location was closing as of July 1st. Amy Long, who is the Administrator of the Fairmont Mayo Clinic Health system, says this is not true.Amy Long cut 1 


"We were alerted by multiple individuals that false information had been sent out by this insurance company to some patients in our service area and we want to ensure that community members and our patients know that the information is false. It incorrectly stated that Mayo Clinic Health System Fairmont is closing as of July 1st and this is false. The Fairmont Clinic remains open, is full operational and there are no plans to close." 

Long says they do not know how many members received the letter but they are working with the insurance company to rectify the situation.Amy Long cut 2 


"Yeah we are working with the insurance company directly. It was an auto generated letter. They are working on their end to correct it as well and to send out corrected information to members who received that letter." 


Again, the Fairmont Mayo Health Clinic is NOT closing and remains fully operational.