Experts Address Emerald Ash Borer At Informational Meeting In Wahpeton

Thu 6-16-2022

(Wahpeton)– It’s been about a month now since the first confirmation was made of emerald ash borer in Dickinson county. The insect, which is deadly to ash trees, was confirmed near Arnolds Park. The pest has been confirmed in a number of other counties in the region and state as well. It was the topic of a public informational meeting Wednesday evening in Wahpeton. Mike Kintner, an entomologist with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship was one of the keynote speakers. He says there’s one thing in particular cities and property owners that have a lot of ash trees on their properties need to be doing right now. 

Kintner says, “It’s good to get an inventory on how many ash trees you have so you can come up with an action plan. You don’t want to fall behind the eight ball with this and have a lot dead and dying ash trees standing.”

The city of Milford has already started removing ash trees from its right-of-ways. And while treatment options are available, Kintner says there’s a lot to think about with that, “The number one thing is, you know, we consider all ash trees within 15 miles at risk for EAB attack. If you are going to treat, you know, one of the things you want to think about is if it’s a sound and healthy tree that’s valuable to the landscape, you want a healthy tree to begin with to treat. You don’t want it to be too far in decline. And if you are going to treat, you know, you can go down the road with either the homeowner method if the tree is on the smaller side and what I mean is if it’s less than 20 inches in diameter and four and-a-half feet off the ground, use the homeowner methods. If it’s larger than that you should really go with the professional method with the certified applicator and we recommend, you know, getting two or three estimates.”

Kintner says it likely will be a few years before we start to see the impact of emerald ash borer locally…

Cities such as Ames and Cedar Rapids are being particularly hard hit right now be emerald ash borer.