Estherville City Council, Emmet County Approve Economic Dev. Dir. Proposal

Wed 9-21-2022

(Estherville)– Some changes are about to take place when it comes to attracting new businesses and industries to Estherville. Lyle Hevern, the city’s current economic development director, will be retiring in February, 2023. The Estherville City Council and Emmet County Board of Supervisors this week approved a proposal that will result in the Estherville Chamber of Commerce taking on the duties. City Administrator Penny Clayton says that will be done through a contractual agreement with Chamber Director Lexie Reuter also taking on duties as Economic Development Director…

CLAYTON economic dev 

She’ll still be director of the chamber and then she would provide all of the economic development services. Knowing that that conversation was happening, Lexie pursued advanced education in economic development and graduated from the Oklahoma University Economic Development Institute which is one of the two premier national organizations for economic development training. In addition, Lexie, Lyle and I are the three that generally handle all things economic development, each with our own roles, but Lexie, Lyle and I particularly work very close together now.”

The five year contract is effective March 1st, 2023. Terms call for the city to pay $35,000 with the county chipping in $20,000 for the first year.

Clayton says an additional person will also be hired to help out in the chamber office.