Emergency Crews Rescue Man From A Well Near Lake Park

Thu 8-5-2021

(Lake Park)-- A close call late this (Wednesday) afternoon near Lake Park. Lake Park Fire Chief Brandon Ehret tells KUOO news they were called around 4:00 pm after getting a report of a man who had fallen into a well  Ehret Cut 1  

"We were called out just on the west side of Lake Park here to an acreage where a gentleman had fallen through some boards into a well. The well was about eight to 10 feet around in diameter and he was actually floating in the water holding onto a little piece of ladder and some pipes. We called Arnolds Park Fire for the use of their ladder truck so we could create a high point to perform the rope rescue. We never, we didn't end up doing that. There was quite a few obstructions right above the well so we ended up tying off to a tree that was growing right next to it. We were able to get, actually it was our water rescue device that we use for ice water, we got around him, got one of our guys down on a rope, got a rope attached to the victim, and we were able to, with the use of a roof ladder, pull him out, basically pulled him up out of there, got him onto our stokes basket and then they loaded him into the ambulance and took him over to the hospital."

Ehret says fortunately, another person happened to be with the man at the time. Ehret says the companion attempted to use a rope to pull the victim out but was unsuccessful and called for help. Ehret says it likely would have been a much different outcome if it hadn't been for that other person being there at the time. Ehret cut 2 

"He was in the well for probably just over an hour or better. He had a gentleman there with him that actually, he actually contacted me, I called the Comm Center to get everybody sent out, but yeah, he was in there for probably a little over an hour. He was completely exhausted."

There was no other immediate information as to the man's physical condition upon arriving at the hospital.

The Lakes Regional Healthcare and Lake Park ambulances assisted on the scene along with the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office and Dickinson County Emergency Management.