Early voting progressing in Jackson County

Tue 10-13-2020

With Election Day just three weeks away, many areas are seeing an uptick in early and absentee voting.  Heather Hummel with the Jackson County Auditor’s Office says they’ve seen an increase in traffic…Heather early voting Oct 14 cut 1 

“Very busy traffic wise, both in person and receiving requests online, phone calls about how to obtain a ballot ahead of time.”


There have also been quite a request for absentee ballots in the county…Heather early voting Oct 14 cut 2

“As of this morning, we have transmitted 3,013 absentee and mail ballots, the combined total for our county.  And we have received back 1,070.”


Hummel says it’s hard to compare the interest this year to previous elections…Heather early voting Oct 14 cut 3

“It’s really hard to compare our numbers just because we had an increase in mail ballot precincts two years ago and this year our numbers have even gone up from what they were two years ago so I can’t really give you an accurate number without it being a little skewed.”


Absentee ballots can start being counted in one week…Heather early voting Oct 14 cut 4

“They’re tabulated on election night.  We are able to start opening the ballots two weeks prior per statute.  So any time prior to those two weeks, voters can decide to claw back their ballot and recast if they want to change their vote.  But once that two week mark hits, we are able to start tabulating but we cannot close out tabulations until after the close of polls on election night.”


Anyone with questions on voting, early voting or absentee ballots can find information online at