Drought In Cottonwood County Expands To Over 50 Percent Of The County

Tue 9-12-2023

(Worthington)- A milestone has been reached in this most recent drought in neighboring Cottonwood County, with more of the county reportedly in moderate drought than in abnormally dry conditions according to the US Drought Monitor in Minnesota. Last week saw a 15% increase in drought in Cottonwood County, with most of that new drought creeping east from the western edge, where severe drought still sits at around 8 percent. Now, 49.5 percent of the county is in moderate drought, with the remainder, just under 43 percent at abnormally dry conditions. Little rainfall has impacted the region in terms of drought lately after a bit of moisture during the late summer, with surrounding counties like Murray County at 72 percent drought, and Martin County nearing 17 percent drought, in the moderate section.