Details On Law Enforcement And Government Center Project Shared At Local Kiwanis Meeting

Tue 11-14-2023

(Jackson)- County Administrator Ryan Krosch recently visited the local Jackson Kiwanis meeting, giving an update on local projects, especially as far as the Law Enforcement Center and Government Center project goes. Krosch said that a petition by five percent of the voters in the county had perhaps changed the process of getting the project done, but that their eyes were still on the goal line.

Krosch said the hardest thing for both the county and the public was getting all the information out there, and gave a flier to the meeting giving many of the details.

Again, some of the things he stressed were things like the cost of contracting with other counties if Jackson was forced to lose its jail, the low impact of the project on local property taxes, in some cases certain property owners could actually see a decrease to property taxes in 2024 according to the handout, and that the State of Minnesota declined many jail projects for funding as part of their spending of the $17.5 billion surplus. The county has been saving for a long time for this project, and he says they can put around $11 million towards the government center.

For any questions or comments on the project, call your district commissioner, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office or visit