Deer Hunt Within City Proposed

Thu 5-5-2022

(Jackson)- At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, members talked about the seeming increase of deer in town, and one of the ways that the council may be able to deal with that. The idea is to have special spots in town be designated as hunting spots, specifically for does. City Administrator Matt Skaret had more information...

Matt deer hunt 

“I did look into this, there are some communities, Blue Earth, New Ulm, Mankato, probably some others too, that do actually have a city deer hunt on city property. It's bow and arrow only and there's a lot of decisions that have to be made if we're going to do that. If we wanted to try and sneak something in this year we would have to make a decision by May 6th, because the DNR is in the process of finalizing their hunting regulations and getting their booklets ready for the upcoming hunting season. But if we want to think about it for the future, things to think about are, where we would allow it, how many permits would we want to issue.

There was support among members and the community in the crowd for opening this up, but some issues were raised with specifics, including where it would be allowed, how, and what regulations would be followed. In the end it was decided that they would look into it, as the May 6th deadline for a hunt this year was deemed too close to get ready for. If there is a hunt, the next possible time would be next fall.