Dave Schmidt Named New Economic Development Coordinator In Jackson

Fri 1-14-2022

(Jackson)- After the departure of Tom Nelson in October, a new Economic Development Coordinator has been chosen for Jackson. Dave Schmidt is happy for the position, and has worked closely with business owners and city officials for many years. He says he started in the office as an assistant for Nelson...


“I've been in the office since April, I started as an assistant and then helping Tom Nelson out who was there, and then kind of filled in when Tom had his guard duties, also worked with Lakefield, and then when Tom left in October, we looked at a process we looked at some other candidates that came in and then there were some changes to our schedule and it turned out that I could just transition into the full-time role.”

He also talked about filling the shoes of Nelson and what he hopes for the future...


“And so you're right, it is some very big shoes to fill. But on the other side of that, I've lived in Jackson for 17 years now, been apart of the community, I love the community, and its been really nice being able to work with a lot of the business leaders I've known them from past experience. It's been nice to be able to do that and to push some of these projects we have going forward and just help see Jackson move to that next step is really exciting.”

Schmidt started on at the beginning of the year and has a lot of projects in store for the future, which are certainly things we will be covering.