Construction Projects in Jackson

Thu 4-29-2021

(Jackson) As the saying goes there are two seasons in Minnesota, winter and road construction. Jackson City Administrator Matt Skaret says its going to be a busy construction season.Skaret on Jackson road construction cut 1 


"Probably the biggest one we got going on is the continuation of the north highway project that started last year. They're going to finish that off. They've gotta go from where they left off at Dewey Street down to Frost Ave. They're going to be replacing the pavement and replacing the underground infrastructure there...the water and the storm sewer and then they're going to be doing part of the services there for the sanitary sewer. The sanitary sewer has already been lined so it doesn't need to be replaced. And that is gonna to be starting up, weather permitting, the second week of May."

Other projects that will be going on include the downtown underground electric conversion project where they will switch the overhead electric wires to underground. That project is anticipated to start June 2nd. Crews will start from the south and work north. This was originally a 2 year project but the contractor thinks they can get it done in one.

The traffic signal will be replaced and HWY 71 and Sherman street. This is a joint project with the MN department of Transportation and will include bump outs at the intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly.