Construction Mishap Injures Three Workers

Thu 1-13-2022

(Milford)– A construction accident Wednesday afternoon in Milford resulted in injuries to three workers. It happened a little after 3:00 pm at a construction site on “P” Avenue just north of 13th Street. Matt Myhre of the Milford Police Department explains what took place…

Matt Myhre 1 

We got called for a collapse. Fire and Rescue, Milford Police Department, Arnolds Park Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, Okoboji P.D., responded. We found three with injuries. It appears that one possibly suffered a broken leg; another guy possibly suffered a broken arm; a guy did have a head injury. That particular individual did refuse medical attention. It looked like some rafters did collapse and those individuals involved did fall to the ground and were covered by the rafters. They were being cut away as we all responded.”

The two men who sustained the more serious injuries were taken to Lakes Regional Healthcare. Myhre estimates the three men fell some 20 feet. He says it’s a wonder there were no fatalities.