Combines Starting To Roll

Wed 9-21-2022

(Lakefield, Mn.)– Combines have started rolling through some soybean fields. That word from Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield…

nesseth harvest starting 

There’s been just a little bit of beans taken out here and there but I think we’ll see a lot more of that. I don’t know what the weather, I think there’s some rain forecasted for Friday and that might curtail some things and it might be good because a lot of these soybean fields are a little uneven and some still have quite a few yellow leaves.”

Nesseth says the recent hot weather also quickly pushed corn to maturity…

nesseth harvest starting 2 

Overall we’re seeing a lot of the corn fields where the ears are hanging now and a lot of that corn is black layered, and I know the milk line on a lot of the corn that’s been cut for silage was three quarter and close to black layer in some cases, so just later corn and later planted corn it’s still maybe 65, 70 percent for the corn silage, but a lot of it is 60 percent or less and so with that said a lot of those cattle feeders are getting close to doing earlage. A lot of that will be done next week and so as you said earlier, Steve, harvest is just right there and it’s probably going to be going full blast in the next week.”

And when it comes to that, Nesseth says farmers and motorists alike need to use extra caution and be on the lookout for each other.