City Of Windom Sends Letter To Red Rock Alternative School After They Fire SRO

Fri 11-17-2023

(Windom)- The Red Rock Alternative School in Windom recently decided to terminate their School Resource Officer, which also required approval from the Windom City Council, which they gave, but a recent letter from the council emphasizes that they only approved that termination due to legal advice. In the letter, released in a council packet on the City of Windom's website, the council says that themselves and the mayor feel the loss of the relationship in the community will be very counter-productive for both the Windom Police Department and the local Alternative Learning Center.

They go on to say that there were many instances of positive interactions with law enforcement at the learning center, and that the League of Minnesota Cities even used the model of that partnership in Windom as a model for other communities.

Lastly they commend their law enforcement officers and the staff of the school for their work in the last six years of the partnership, they also say they are open to revisiting a community policing arrangement in the future if the school chooses to do so.