City Of Jackson Looks To Bring Chamber And Economic Development Closer Together

Thu 2-1-2024

(Jackson)- The City of Jackson recently passed a resolution to see the Jackson Chamber of Commerce work with the Jackson Business Development Committee in a move that City Administrator Matt Skaret says will see the chamber take over much of the JBDC functions…

Matt chamber 1 

“Those extra services would essentially include the chamber taking over most of the Jackson Business Development Committee activities, doing their social media, being the main point of contact to work with AGCO and promote their new Fendt Line that they are expanding here in Jackson, and then doing some collaboration on developing an updated business directory. Really the idea is to help take some of the load off our economic development office as we are transitioning to bring our economic development services back in house.”

The move comes as the City of Jackson ended their contract with CEDA in December, and will see the chamber and Corey Christopher start a new project with the city. Skaret says the chamber and the JBDC become partners rather than one group taking over the other, and that it will help a lot during this period of change, as the city brings economic development services back under their umbrella.