City Of Jackson Hears About Possible Pool Evaluation

Thu 3-9-2023

(Jackson)- A few more pieces of information were shared on Tuesday night regarding the Jackson Pool at the regular Jackson City Council Meeting. Burbach Acquatics out of Wisconsin gave a quote to do a full and comprehensive pool evaluation to see exactly, item by item, what needed to be done. The price of that made some members ask for another quote, as well as to share all information on this evaluation quote with members of the Jackson County Central School Board and the Jackson Pool Task Force, made up of three members from the council, three from the school board, and three community members. The quoted price was $54,000, and some members saw a need to look for more quotes...


With the price tag on this, just to do what they're doing, it'd be nice to get an estimate from at least one or two more companies and see what the cost is of that. Not saying they're out of line but this is a pretty hefty price tag, and I get they're doing pretty extensive work. It would be nice to have three proposals and run them past the task force to make a recommendation back to the council and the school board.”

The further cooperation of the council, task force, and school board were talked about at length by members, and the city administrator was directed to share all the relevant information and to find some more companies to get quotes from to at the very least verify that this price was correct and in line with industry standards.