City Of Jackson Floats Local Sales Tax To Pay For Upcoming Projects

Fri 1-20-2023

(Jackson)- The City of Jackson is looking into a possible Local Option Sales Tax for the city, to help fund projects like the baseball/softball field complex, as well as whatever is decided as we get further towards a decision on the pool.

Whether or not the city remains in a partnership with the school district, the cost of that new pool or pool renovation will be large, and a local sales tax may be needed to help fund that. No action was taken at the regular city council meeting on Tuesday, as the council will be looking further into the issue this coming Tuesday at 5 pm, to inform new members on what is allowed with a decision like this, to pin down some concrete numbers, and get a resolution on exactly what sort of tax they'll send to the legislature for approval.

Of course this tax cannot be raised without citizens approval, the council would need to send that to the Minnesota Legislature by January 31st. If it is approved at the state level, it will be returned and put before the voters in the next general election of 2024 or with special legislative authorization may be put to voters this year.