Changes in Fall Hunting Rules

Fri 9-3-2021

If you are going hunting this fall, make sure you check the rule changes before heading out. Mathew Grisham has the story. Mike Gruhlke (2) 

Mike Gruhlke is the MN DNR Conservation Officer and talked on the Morning Juice about the upcoming hunting season with changes in the synopsis. That synopsis will be available both online and as usual in a physical copy as well. Gruhlke says that even if you aren’t the best with computers the synopsis is easy to find…

“For those that aren’t so savvy on the internet so to speak, there are still synopsis that are printed. I would encourage folks, if you’re interested in that, to pick them up at your local point of sale license vendors.”

Gruhlke then talked about some of the changes happening to laws on things like deer hunting and night vision. The use of night vision when hunting coyotes and foxes has also been changed. His biggest piece of advice was to simply make sure you’re aware of the changes in the synopsis…

“So I would encourage folks to grab those synopsis and take a look at that, and encourage them even more so to look at what the changes are so they’re up to speed on that.”

For more information on on the changes and for the synopsis itself you can visit