Ceylon Residents Will Be Getting Fiber Optic Cable

Wed 6-15-2022

(Ceylon)- The City of Ceylon has selected Federated Broadband to install fiber optic internet cable into their 200 residents homes over the next year. The City of Ceylon secured an $855,669Community Development Block Grant from the pandemic funding to bring fiber to residents within the municipal boundary.

Ceylon businesses can also connect to this fiber, but are not covered by the grant funding directly. There will be a possibly 10 week environmental review, and Federated Broadband hopes to begin the project early this fall.

The service will be a “ state-of-the art gigabit speed symmetrical service to all residences who wish to receive it under the grant. Monthly pricing will be competitive for all tiers. An informational letter will be mailed to Ceylon residents in July.” says Federated's Scott Reimer.