Ceylon and Possible New Internet

Mon 5-10-2021

The City of Ceylon wants to start the process to apply for a grant that would bring new internet service in to town. Ceylon mayor John Gibeau says the town needs a reliable internet service.Gibeau Cut 1 

"I have made it very clear that if we cannot improve this serivce the future of Ceylon is bleak. Because one thing the pandemic has taught us is this sort of activity online school, online work, telework that's only going to become more prevalent and if Ceylon doesn't do anything to improve it we're kinda stuck."

Bevcomm would be the company that would install the brand new service in town if the grant is awarded. Currently Frontier services the city of Ceylon and Gibeau says nothing will change in that regard.Gibeau Cut 2 

"Frontier will continue to have their service in town. Nothing will change with frontier. If the grant is issued and Bevcomm builds their going to build an entire new system in Ceylon. All of it will be brand new. Frontier's line will still exist, they can still have customers, Frontier's ownership will be separate and Bevcomm would be installing a brand new service in town."

There will be a public hearing for a resolution to approve starting the grant process on Tuesday May 11th at city hall. The hearing will start at 6pm.