Brad Finstad Visiting Jackson Today, Vying For 1st Congressional District Seat

Fri 5-13-2022

(Undated)- Brad Finstad is another candidate vying for the 1st Congressional District seat here in southern Minnesota. A New Ulm Native, Finstad has been involved in farming and politics much of his adult life, being elected to the Minnesota House at 25. He served as assistant minority leader during his final term in the legislature as well. After this stint in politics, Finstad took time off for his family and to be CEO of the Center for Rural Policy and Development in St. Peter. In 2017 he was then appointed by President Donald Trump to be the Minnesota Director of USDA Rural Development. He is now running for the seat opened up by Jim Hagedorn's passing, and says that he sees his version of politics as a farmer's common sense...

Finstad 1 

“My philosophy is you have to be strong and committed to your conservative values, that you know I was born and raised with. I know a lot of folks in southern Minnesota have that common sense southern Minnesota sensibility. But also that farmer mentality of it, there's a task at hand if there's a job in front of you you need to just put your head down and get it done.”

Finstad has some events coming up across the region, and will also be in Jackson today, May 13th...

Finstad 2 

“We're doing a 21 county tour here, so every day we're doing a few stops I know we're doing Jackson Pizza Ranch tonight from 6-7:30 pm and then we'll be stopping over in Faribault, Rice County, Comfrey at the Community Park, so yeah I would direct people to my website for a list of events and a list of places where we're stopping, we're just trying to get to as many communities as we can in this short time frame.”

The time frame for the election is May 24th as that is when the election is, residents are likely already receiving absentee ballots in the mail.