"Battle Of The Chili Pots" Returning To Milford

Tue 1-11-2022

(Milford)– A major fundraiser for several lakes area fire departments will be held this Saturday, January 15th. Jason Simpson of the Milford Fire Department says they will once again be hosting the “Battle of The Chili Pots”. He says it will be going on from 5:00 until 7:00 pm that evening…

battle of chili pots 

“This year we have six different departments competing to see who makes the best mild chili and who makes the best spicy chili. That’s a total of 12 different chilis to try. The chili feed is a freewill donation and the public will be the judges of who has the best of the best chili. They will be given a cup and two beads and they go through and they test all of the chilis and the one that they like, they put the bead in the jar to see who is going to win the Battle of The Chili Pots.”

Proceeds will be evenly split up among the participating departments.

The 4th annual Battle of the Chili Pots is being sponsored by Lakes Regional Healthcare.