Authorities Now Say Overnight Fire In Triboji Area Claimed Two Lives

Mon 1-16-2023

(Spirit Lake)– Authorities now say an overnight fire that pretty much destroyed a structure in the Triboji Beach area claimed the lives of two people. Spirit Lake Fire Chief Pat Daly says they got called to 20954 151st Street a little before 11:00 pm last (Thurs.) night…

Pat Daily 1 

When we got on the scene we had smoke coming from the eves; a report that one person got out and there was still two in the house.”

The names of those who died in the fire haven’t been released. Daly says they had assistance from several agencies…

Pat Daly 2 

We called APO, they came up for mutual aid. We needed manpower. They got a water supply ready for us. We didn’t have to use it, but we thank them for that. Manpower was great. We had two ambulances there from Lakes Regional; we had law enforcement; Dickinson County Emergency Manager; power and utilities companies were there, so we had a bunch of people there for awhile.”

Daly says they didn’t use all that much water in battling the fire, and that they were able to keep it from spreading to some nearby homes in the area…

Pat Daly 3 

Actually we didn’t use a whole lot of water to knock it down. It was just that it got a head start and got the smoke all over and that’s probably what got the people.”

An autopsy is being performed on the two victims to determine the exact cause of death. The cause of the fire is also still under investigation.

(Provided by sister station KUOO)