Arnolds Park To Host 41st Wooden Boat Show Saturday

Fri 7-29-2022

(Arnolds Park)– The annual Antique and Wooden Boat Show is this weekend at the water front of the Arnolds Park Amusement Park. The event will be going on Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the park’s docks. Wiley Mayne II is Vice President of the Antique and Classic Boat Society Jerry Dyhrkopp Iowa Great Lakes Chapter, which puts on the show. He says there will once again be a wide variety of classic boats on display Saturday…

They count anything older than 1918 to be a historic boat, which makes sense, you know. Over 100 years old, you don’t see too many of those around. And then antique goes 1919 to 1942 which those all would be almost exclusively wooden boats; and then classics from 1943 to ’75; and then your late classic category. So, and, we do have some newer boats that come down to the show, nowadays, and so you can kind of see a wide variety of boats, not just about the wood boats…obviously that is always exciting to see those.”

Mayne says the public will also have a chance to see the boats actually in operation…

If you are wanting to see the boats in action and running, we are planning on running right under the trestle, right at 2:30. So if you find a spot there and want to see some of these classic boats driving, that would be the spot.”

This will mark the 41st year for the Antique and Wooden Boat Show in the Iowa Great Lakes. There’s no charge to view the boats.