Area Farmers Making Up For Lost Time When It Comes To Planting

Wed 5-11-2022

(Lakefield, Mn.)– Area farmers have been able to take advantage of favorable conditions in recent days and have been able to make some good progress with planting. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says roughly 25 to 30 percent of both corn and soybeans are now in the ground in our area…

Nesseth 3 5-11 

“There’s just been tremendous activity in planting and tillage and getting the fertilizer applied, and so we’ve made some good progress. And, you know, when we look at the amount of acres that can get planted in one day, it’s pretty impressive. And so you get two, three good days, you know, you can maybe get half of your acres covered, you know, and so it’s just really been amazing that way. But we’ve still got a ways to go but I think what’s kind of making everyone feel pretty good is this ground seems like it’s finally waking up. We’re getting some warmer temperatures and soil temperatures, you know, we’re getting probably a minimum of 55, 56 degrees the last couple, three days, and as high as 70, so it’s warming up so that means hopefully we’re going to get some good germination and good stand establishment. So I think things are looking up. We might have to dodge some rain events here the next day or two but hopefully after that we can get a stretch where we can finish up planting.”

Nesseth says we’re also sitting pretty good right now for subsoil moisture…

Nesseth 4 5-11 

“When we look at our subsoil moisture we’re actually, you know, right with historic averages and, you know, we’ve got obviously in the topsoil here, it’s not saturated but it’s ample and so I think overall conditions look good. We just need to get that corn and soybeans in the ground. I think we’ve got the opportunity for a pretty good crop.”

Nesseth says soil temperatures have also warmed considerably in recent days and are at ideal levels for germination.