Annual Friends Of The Jackson County Libraries Book Sale Starts Thursday, September 15th

Wed 9-14-2022

(Jackson)- The Annual Book Sale with the Friends of the Jackson Libraries is coming up tomorrow and there's a plethora of different board games, DVDs, and of course books available at the sale. The items come from a large store of donated items, which have been sifted through to provide some great reading material and more. Karla Kuipers with the friends talked about the organization and how sales like this help...

karla 1 

“First of all it gives you the chance to support a good organization that works with all three libraries in the county very closely, helping them with financial assistance and bodies once in a while for events, and it's fun it's a good group of people.”

The sale usually starts looking for donations in early summer, then comes the need to look through all the items they've received and determine which are worth the resale. After that, the friends get their volunteers and ready themselves for the multi-day event. Kuipers also said that, as many organizations do, they always need volunteers...

karla 2 

“One thing we need to make this sale a success is volunteers. We have a number of people who help us throughout the summer setting up, it's a big help I don't know what we would do without them.”

If you'd like to volunteer to help out the Friends of the Jackson Libraries, contact one of the libraries. The number for the Jackson Library is 507-847-4748.

The Annual Book sale is open in the Blue Building at the Jackson County Fairgrounds from Thursday 10-8 pm, Friday 10-6 pm, and Saturday, with the $3 bag sale from 9-1 pm.