Additional Assistance Being Made Available To Livestock Producers In Several Counties Where Drought Conditions Are Worsening

Fri 8-6-2021

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- Some additional assistance is being made available to livestock producers in several counties in the area where drought conditions continue to worsen. Linda Stuckenbroker of the Jackson County, Minnesota FSA Office says producers in the eligible counties can now apply for help through the Livestock Forage Program.  Stuckenbroker 1 

"Currently as of today, counties in the listening area eligible for LFP either by the D2 drought for eight consecutive weeks or D3 drought are Jackson county, Nobles, Martin in Minnesota, and then the counties in Iowa that are contiguous to Jackson and Nobles and Martin. Currently Cottonwood and Watonwan counties are not eligible for livestock feed as of today, but these two counties may trigger the livestock forage in the coming weeks as well as maybe some of the other contiguous counties to those other counties that I mentioned."

Stuckenbroker outlines some of the information that's needed to apply.  Stuckenbroker 2   

"In order for producers to be eligible they must have reported their pasture acres to their local FSA office by July 15th. If a producer or a livestock producer didn't report their pasture acres, they still have an opportunity to report those acres to the FSA office and complete what we call an acreage report. But since we have past that July 15th deadline, there are late file fees per farm that will be assessed but producers will still be eligible to participate."

She adds the new assistance also has triggered changes to guidelines with Emergency Haying and Grazing on CRP lands in the primary counties.

Stuckenbroker encourages producers in the eligible counties to contact their local FSA office for more information on how to sign up.