87th Annual Federated Meeting Sees Second Highest Turnout

Thu 8-4-2022

(Jackson)- Thanks to mail in ballots, Federated Rural Electric's 87th Annual Meeting had a near record high voting response. As the second year of these ballots, Federated General Manager Scott Reimer said, “Mailing ballots to all members gives each and every member the opportunity to democratically participate, which created the second largest voting response ever! We had 1,197 ballots cast by mail, while 32 ballots were cast at the drive-in Annual Meeting conducted at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.”

Ballots were counted last night by the Nominating Committee and attorney. As for director vote results, Glenn dicks was reelected for District 1 with 1,158 votes, Darvin Voss won for District 2 at 1,161. As for the Nominating Committee, Tyler Ayers was elected for District 3 over Kilen Warmka by a margin of 631 to 572. For District 4, Paul Nelson was elected over Curtis Ringgenberg by a margin of 661 to 543.

Members who cast votes were entered into a drawing for $1,000 worth of bill credits that will be applied to their September bills.

Winners were as follows:

$500 grand prize bill credit: Willis Hinkeldey, Windom

$250 bill credit: Jeffrey Hotzler, Heron Lake

$150 bill credit: Curtis Baumgard, Brewster

$50 bills credits: Renee Bordwell, Lakefield, and Wade Ysker, Bingham Lake