2022 Waterfowl Hunt Begins Soon, Deer Hunt Not Allowed On City Owned Property For Now, Extra Deer Tag Moves Forward On Private Land

Wed 9-21-2022

(Undated)- Minnesota's 2022 waterfowl hunt begins a little before sunrise on Saturday, September 24th, and hunters in the region are ready once again. Regulations will be the same as last year, with three hunting zones for those hunters to participate in.

The north, central, and south zones all have different end dates, with a mid season close from October 3rd to 7th.

The DNR website is the best place to look for all the information and guidelines concerning these hunts and more, and also advise citizens to keep on the look out for avian influenza in birds, as well as chronic wasting disease during any deer hunts.

As well, the Jackson City Council decided to put off deer hunting on city lands until next year, with the hunt raising concerns over things like liability and regulations, especially with tree stand height as it pertains to city land. Archery is still allowed on private property, and the extra deer on that private property will still be allowed, but the city wants to refine their plan before a full launch next year.

(Title edited for clarity.)